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  • Birdhouse

    TheBirdhouse Tubac

  • Birdhouse

    TheBirdhouse Tubac

  • Birdhouse

    TheBirdhouse Tubac

Welcome Birders, Twitchers and Backyard Enthusiasts...

Brand new to Tubac Arizona, The Birdhouse has everything you would hope to find for your birding excursion to Madera Canyon. And for the less adventurous bird enthusiasts, there are all sorts of backyard bird feeders, bird baths and seed.

We carry premium bird seed with no grain or fillers

Best quality unique and unusual bird feeders, houses and baths all 100% guaranteed

Books, guides, binoculars, hats, earrings, gift cards and all things birding

Bird related art by local artists

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Become a VIB

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  • category-04

    Black Oil Sunflower Seed

    The basic staple and favorite individual seed preferred by about 70% of the seed eating birds.  This seed is packed with nutritious oils, proteins, fat and carbohydrates that wild birds need.

  • category-01

    Desert Blend

    Our best selling all-seed, no-grain mix was created with cardinals in mind, although all seed eating  birds enjoy this blend.  100% usable, this blend contains no chaff, dust, or other ...

  • category-02

    Exclusively Cardinal Mix

    Our exclusive Cardinal Mix is made specifically for Northern Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias, and Grosbeaks.  It has everything they love and seek out in nature.

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    Finch Mix

    Finch Mix is the ideal seed mix for wild red finch species – House Finches, Cassin’s Finches and Purple Finches.  Buntings, like Lazuli and Indigo, are attracted as well.

  • category-03


    The seed of choice for the goldfinch family members, Nyjer is one of the more expensive seeds for wild birds due to the fact that it is grown in countries like Ethiopia, China, India ...

  • PetOfTheWeek

    Sonoran Premium Blend

    High quality seed and grain mix for ground feeding quail, doves, sparrows, towhees, thrashers, wrens, juncos and others readily feed on Sonoran bird Blend.